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New Baby
Increase your sales with baby–themed ribbons and bows!
From baby showers to hospital deliveries there are a wide range of opportunities to incorporate ribbon into your designs including: • Gifts • Diaper Cakes • Bouquets • Centerpieces • Shower Favors

Capitalize on the Latest Baby Trend
Over the last few years a new trend of "gender reveal" parties has emerged where expectant parents invite family and friends over to announce the gender of their baby. Promote gender neutral or both pink and blue ribbon as a way to accent the party. Balloons–in–a–box topped with colorful ribbon, like the one shown, are just one fun way to expand your baby business.

New StarBurst Bows
Incorporate the new StarBurst Bows for a fun, funky, and fashionable spin on baby designs. The small 7" diameter bow is perfect for adding a playful accent to gifts, balloon designs, party decor, and more. See the full line of new Starburst Bows.

Light Blue/White     Pink/Yellow/Light Blue    Pink/White

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baby-themed ribbon.

Yep I'm A Boy

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