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Masterbow //MasterBow Machine
The Qualatex MasterBow System includes everything you need to make beautiful bows.

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With the Qualatex MasterBow System, anyone can create profitable, professional bows quickly and easily. You’ll save time, increase profits, and impress customers with individualized service.

The Qualatex MasterBow Maker (#49480)
The complete Qualatex MasterBow® System is:

  • Designed to be a professional bow-making machine.
  • Created for use with #9 (1-1/2"; 3.8cm) and #40 (2-1/2"; 6.3cm)
    sizes of Qualatex MasterBow ribbon.
  • Pre-assembled and requires no electricity.
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Watch the training video to see how easy it is.

Every MasterBow Maker also comes with:
  • 3/16" Qualatex BalloonRibbon
  • Cleaning brush
  • Velcro® foot pads
  • Ribbon clip
  • 5/64 hex key
  • 3/16 hex key
  • Spare cutting blades (#37558)

Instructional DVD (#84191)
  • A 30-minute, instructional DVD is included to show you and your employees exactly how to make perfect bows every time.
  • Keep the DVD handy as a reference to train new employees or use as a refresher course so you’re never without someone to make bows.

Watch the video online.

Bow Recipe Sheet

Find guidelines for making bows in a variety of sizes and combinations with the Recipe Sheet. A Metric Version of the Bow Recipe Sheet is also available.

Instruction Manual

Provides easy instructions to help get you started including
instructions for replacing the Cutting Block and Blade

Visit How to Purchase to learn where to order Qualatex MasterBow products, or Plug Into MasterBow for more information on the Qualatex MasterBow System.